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A Century of Local History

For over a century, our vermilion cabin, nestled within the enchanting redwood forests of Woodside, California, has been a cherished destination for our community and beyond.

Historically, the American tavern, or frontier saloon, was a central point of the town or village. It offered a place of refuge for travelers and locals alike, providing more than just food and drink. These establishments fostered social connections, served as a meeting place for business and politics, and provided communication networks throughout the vast territories of rural America.

Originally established in the early 1900s, our restaurant has played diverse roles within the Kings Mountain area. From a gathering place for adventurers, loggers, and locals to serving as a water pump station for homesteaders and transforming into a bustling frontier saloon, The Mountain House has always radiated warmth and hospitality.

A Unique Location, A Musical Legacy

Surrounded by majestic redwood trees, The Mountain House has captured the imagination of musicians and filmmakers alike.

Most notably, Neil Young chose our enchanting venue as the filming location for his acclaimed “Harvest Moon” music video, forever imprinting our rustic charm in the hearts of music lovers worldwide.

Coastal Countryside Cuisine

In the spirit of the rural countryside pubs, taverns and inns throughout Europe and the New World, The Mountain House crafts ingredient-driven cuisine, rooted in provincial tradition, but exciting and savvy enough for our modern world.

The Santa Cruz Mountains’ unique geography, with sweeping coastlines and towering redwood forests, provides dramatic scenery and distinctive micro-climates. Our food and beverage seeks to reflect this special place in the world, using often wild seasonal ingredients and local producers. Our meat, fish and produce are sourced from the highest quality sustainable purveyors with whom we have long-standing relationships.

When you dine at The Mountain House you will feel the touch of nostalgia and history, while tasting the freshness of California’s bounty.

Dine With Us

Whether you’re planning an intimate dinner or a gathering with loved ones, our attentive staff is here to provide exceptional service, ensuring a memorable dining experience.

Join us at The Mountain House and let us create great memories.